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The Johnson Thing...
Tribute to Hootie & the Blowfish

So what's with all the Johnson's?


Some Johnson Names:

Darius: Psychological Johnson

Dean: Cyber Johnson

Soni: Fairweather Johnson

Mark: Small Talk Johnson

Me: Angel Johnson!

You may have noticed that at the end of the bands 'Summer Camp with trucks' video, that everyone in the crew had been given a Johnson nickname. Also, if you ever look on the Hootie message board on the Official Hootie Site, you'll see that most people on there have Johnson nicknames too.
Why? - You might ask.
Well, I'll start from the beginning:
The band were on tour. They were on a plane travelling to Germany (I think), and Darius turned round to Paul Graham, the tour manager, and said, "When we get there your gonna have to translate for me." So, Paul replied "Yep, thats me. Translation Johnson." And thats how it all began. From then on they kept thinking up Johnson names for everyone.

Then there was the whole Fairweather Johnson thing. The concept of a Fairweather Johnson is someone who will only support a sports team when they're playing well, and when they aren't doing so well, they'll go and be a fan of whoevers winning!

Then came along the Summer Camp with Trucks video. On the end credits EVERYONE had a Johnson name. The guys even did a Small Talk Johnson Tour. Then the fans on the Hootie message board at decided it would be cool if they all had a Johnson name too. Now there are literally thousands of people with Johnson names!

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