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What's happening?
Tribute to Hootie & the Blowfish


Whats going on?

The band have already had 4 albums released.
*Cracked Rear View
*Fairweather Johnson
*Musical Chairs
*Scattered Smothered and Covered

Mark Bryan released a solo album called "30 on the rail". Its excellent, and if you like Hootie you'll love it.

Darius has just made a solo album called "Back to Then" and thats going to be released on the 28th May. There are some sound clips on Darius' website and I think the songs are really cool and hope this album does well. Definately a must have for Darius fans out there.

Soni is also working on some solo stuff, so lets hope to hear some of that sometime soon.

Click here for Darius Rucker's official website

What about tour dates?

The band have been doing the odd gig around the U.S, and no major tours, but hopefully they will be announcing a new tour with the release of their next album probably later on this year.

For more up-to-date tour/gig information I suggest you check out the bands cool official site.

Click here for the official Hootie site.

What else has been going on with the guys?

The guys have a new self titled album out now, which I recently got hold of, and it is amazing. I don't think any fans will be disappointed with it. Hootie have been recently touring the US to  promote the cd, and hopefully will get around to europe within the next couple of years.

I will try to update this page, as and when I find out new stuff.
If you hear of anything, please let me know, and I'll be more than happy to include it here.

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